Evolutionary history of soundproofing crusher

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The crusher is convenient for people's production. With the progress of people, the crusher has experienced the evolution of multi-functionality to intelligence from the manual to the steam era to the modern sound-damage breaker.
In China, the most smashing tool in the 2,000 years before BC - Chǔjiù.Chǔjiù Further evolved into the footsteps of 200 BC to 100 BC. These tools use the principle of leverage and initially have the prototype of the crushing machine, but their crushing action is still intermittent.
Modern crushing machinery was created after the gradual improvement and promotion of power machinery such as steam engines and electric motors. In 1806, a roller crusher driven by a steam engine appeared; in 1858, Black in the United States invented a jaw crusher for crushing rocks; in 1878, the United States developed a gyratory crusher with continuous crushing action, which was more efficient than intermittent. The jaw crusher of the crushing action; in 1895, William of the United States invented the impact crusher with lower energy consumption.
The world's first jaw crusher designed and manufactured by American E.W. Black. The structure is a double-bend plate type (simple swing type) jaw crusher. The jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, small volume and high height.
In 1924, the Germans first developed the single- and double-rotor impact crushers. The structure of the crusher at that time was similar to that of the modern squirrel cage crusher, because it was structurally or functionally analyzed. It has the characteristics of a counter crusher.
In 1942, the German Andreson invented the AP series impact crusher similar in structure to the modern impact crusher based on the structural characteristics and working principle of the hammer crusher of the squirrel cage crusher.
At the same time, in order to enhance the maneuverability of the crusher, tire and crawler type mobile crushing stations have been developed. Among them, the wheel type crusher is popular in the Americas, and the crawler type is popular in Europe. In fact, the development of the impact crusher in China was relatively late. In the 1950s, China really had a crusher. Therefore, most of China's crushing and screening equipment was introduced in the 1950s.
With the development of science and technology, the development of crushing machinery has made great progress. Especially after entering the 1990s, the production and sales volume of crushing machinery has grown rapidly. The number of enterprises that have joined the production of crushing machinery has increased, making the number of crushing machinery manufacturing enterprises more than 10,000, capable of producing 0.5~30t vibration crusher and 4~24t static crusher. And 16~30t tire crusher and other series of products with complete specifications, basically form a complete crusher manufacturing system capable of independent development and production, and the gap between its technical level and international advanced level is gradually narrowing. This high-speed growth situation is bound to push the broken machinery parts industry to a new development period.
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