Lathe manipulator specifications

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 Manipulators are widely used. Manipulators are more prevalent in operation. Generally, 1-7 specifications are followed. Lathe robots are generally used as attachments to machine tools or other machines, such as automatic machine tools or automatic production lines to load and unload and transfer workpieces , In the machining center to replace the tool, generally do not have an independent control device. Some operating devices require direct manipulation by humans, such as master-slave operators for the handling of dangerous goods in the atomic power sector, often referred to as robots. It is a manifestation of the automation of production today, using robots instead of 4-5 jobs and also playing a very important role in safety, continuous operation without any problems and with significantly higher efficiency than manpower In the long run, automation equipment can definitely reduce a lot of costs. Maintenance is necessary during use, so maintenance personnel should keep in mind the following safety precautions before and during maintenance in order to avoid some dangerous accidents:
 Overhaul the injection machine, please turn off the power.
 Before adjusting and repairing, please turn off the power of the ejector and manipulator and relieve the residual pressure of the manipulator.
 In addition to the proximity switch, suction bad, solenoid valve fault can be self-repair, the other should be subject to professional training personnel to overhaul, or do not change without authorization.
 Please do not arbitrarily change or change the original parts.
 During adjustment or replacement of the mold, care should be taken to avoid being bruised by the manipulator.
 After adjusting or repairing the robot arm, leave the hazardous working area before the test machine.
 During maintenance, do not turn on the power or connect the air pressure to the manipulator.

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