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XIAOMA production of medium-sized crusher XMG 300 400 and XMG 300 600 series, in addition to the advantages XMG180

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XIAOMA production of medium-sized crusher XMG 300/400 and XMG 300/600 series, in addition to the advantages XMG180 series crusher, but more suitable for crushing blow molded plastic bottles and other products, such as hollow material, and its unique design stepped turn knife arranged in V-shaped, so that it can grasp the necessary crushing crushed material in the central chamber, can be Preventing material attached to the side wall of the crushing chamber, the stepped design of the rotor so that the machine is in the crushed material, at any time only a tool during cutting, thereby increasing the cutting machine's torque.
In addition, XMG 300 crusher series on their use can also be used in accordance with XMG 180 series of optional way, making more extensive use of the machine.

- Unique tool design
Ladder-shaped rotor arranged in V-shaped, so that it can be caught in the shredding room central broken material, this feature prevents the material posted on the wall in shredding room, while greatly increasing the shredding chamber wall in processing of glass fiber reinforced plastic products and when the wear resistance. In addition, the ladder-shaped rotor blade design allows only one at any time during the cutting tool, thereby increasing the cutting torque.

Model   XMG 300/400 XMG 300/600
Drive power kw 7.5 11
Speed rpm 150 150
Number of rotor knives   33 48
Static son tool number   2(4刃) 2(4刃)
Rotor diameter mm 300 300
Rotor width mm 400 600
Size mm 400*400 400*600
Crushing cavity diameter mm 400*400 400*600
Screen aperture   8 8
Weight kg 550 810
Dimensions L*W*H mm 1150*1250*1900 1150*1450*1900
We reserve right to change specifications without prior notice.

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